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Walk London


WALK LONDON is a Pitkin Guide of 15 themed walks highlighting the best that London has to offer.

Main features include:

  • Famous must-see icons, plus those less well-known and out of the ordinary

  • Historic and modern-day sites

  • Lots of fascinating facts and quirky titbits

  • 15 unique illustrated maps

  • Easy-to-follow routes, from 1 to 5½ miles (1.5 to 9 kilometres)

  • Locator map showing start and end points at Underground stations

  • Colour illustrations and photographs

  • Contact information for visitor attractions

Each of the themed walks has been researched, walked and written by me. How long they take depends on how long you have got and how many of the attractions you want to spend time at. Entry to many visitor sites is absolutely free, and contact details are given in the Visitor Information section of the book.

Each walk starts and ends at an Underground or railway station but if you only have time to do part of a walk it is usually possible to finish at a different station as shown on the maps.

The illustrations in the book and the walk maps are by illustrator/cartographer Michael Hill of Maps Illustrated ( and give the book a unique flavour. Following the routes shown on the maps and the directions given in the text mean it is impossible to get lost!


Walk 1   Exploring the Embankment

Walk 2   Capital History and Heritage

Walk 3   The City's Sights and Delights

Walk 4   Literary London 

Walk 5   West End Culture and Charm

Walk 6   Horse Guards and Heroes

Walk 7   Royal Palaces, Parks and Pageantry

Walk 8   West End Shoppers Paradise

Walk 9   Kensington Palace and Gardens 

Walk 10 Knightsbridge, Kensington and a King's Hunting Ground

Walk 11 Chelsea Characters and Chic

Walk 12 A Princely Path to Primrose Hill 

Walk 13 Strolling the South Bank 

Walk 14 A Pirate Path to Docklands

Walk 15 Glorious Greenwich

Walker feedback

Andover Advertiser
7 May 2010


Newbury Weekly News
20 May 2010


I lived and worked around the South Bank area for many years and did not know about the frost fairs etchings under Southwark Bridge, or the public viewing gallery in the OXO Tower. My guide is coming with me when I visit other parts of the city to make sure I don't miss anything else.
Craig Leslie - Reading

The maps alone are worth looking at. We can't wait to try one of the walks.
Natalie & Geoff - Sydney, Australia

A well researched and clearly written book which brought back many fond memories of exploring London, whilst adding new insights and information in many instances. Great fun!
Rob Bryan - Southampton

It opened my eyes to the history and hidden beauty of London and made me realise just how much you can actually do to enjoy yourself in London without having to spend a great deal either (something I hadn't managed to succeed at a lot 'til then)! Treat yourself to the book and some healthy, stimulating, educational and cheap London activity.
Chrissi Bucklan-Jones - Clapham, London

I've just got back from a weekend in London and we did two of the walks - West End Shoppers' Paradise and Strolling the South Bank. They were both fantastic, very different but equally inspirational. You've clearly done a lot of research, the detail is fantastic and points out some amazing finds. Can't wait to go back and try out some more!
Emma Lavers - Hungerford

Earlier in the summer my planned day for visiting London was to include the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich followed by a tour of the Cutty Sark, but unfortunately the Cutty Sark is closed for refurbishment until 2011 so with the help of the Walk London book (Walk 15) I was able to ignore the initial grubbiness of the surrounding area and spend quite a bit of time exploring Greenwich Park & Royal Observatory - a very worthwhile and interesting walk.
Bill Parsons - Bristol

This is a beautifully presented, easy access book with some walks that, even to a born-and-bred Londoner like me, are fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the stunning walk 12, which took in marvellous aspects of Regents Park and, ultimately, one of the finest views over London - from the top of Primrose Hill.
Chris Lawrenson - Surbiton

I have read and have enjoyed walking the streets I only visited just a few times during the short time I lived in Hampstead. The drawings are marvellous in their simple richness which satisfies my maze-map loving mind. An easy-to-digest and beautiful book from a complicated and long history of a city.

Andrew Reeves-Hall, Hampshire

Many thanks for the advice on the walk, which we carried out with precision. But seriously thanks Gill, REALLY good!

Jane and Simon Barnard, Calmore

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